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The Cozy Read: The Raven Lady, spring hygge, and new book recs

COVER REVEAL: The Absinthe Earl

The Cozy Read: The luck and love of the Irish

The Cozy Read: Epic snow, Valentine coziness, and exciting news

The Cozy Read: Happy 2019

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The Cozy Read: Release date news, and a giveaway

The Cozy Read: Welcome to October, cozy readers!

The Cozy Read: Fall: A time of quickening

The Cozy Read: A $.99 deal, a giveaway, and a special guest

The Cozy Read: The Absinthe Earl is coming

The Cozy Read: Lavender and hygge, plus welcome to Patreon

The Cozy Read: What I've learned in 50 years

The Cozy Read: Rare .99 cent deal on BEFORE SHE WAKES

The Cozy Read: Ghost Planet free? Not for long

The Cozy Read: Spooky sexy reads, new giveaway, and some pretty big news

The Cozy Read: "The last summer read" 99-cent promo

The Cozy Read: New banner, 99-cent deal, and a cozy contest

The Cozy Read: A classic cookbook, a pretty cuppa, and catnip for Bronte fans

The Cozy Read: Featuring a cozy accessory, book, and giveaway

Holiday greetings and a big sci-fi romance giveaway

99-cent promo on Before She Wakes, plus exclusive excerpt

Hot new GHOST PLANET cover, get it for .99 for now!

Countdown deal, giveaway, and Ghost Planet news

A freebie, a release, and a cover reveal

Release countdown and giveaway 

News, contests, and my move to Middle-earth

Before She Wakes: Forbidden Fairy Tales