The Absinthe Earl

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Magical and brilliant!
— Lorraine Heath, bestselling author

Book 1 in The Faery Rehistory, a new trilogy of slow-burn Irish fantasy romances…

They crossed centuries to find each other. Their love will shatter worlds. 

Miss Ada Quicksilver, a student of London's Lovelace Academy for Promising Young Women, is spending her holiday in Ireland to pursue her anthropological study of fairies. She visits Dublin's absinthe bars to investigate a supposed association between the bittersweet spirit and fairy sightings.

One night a handsome Irishman approaches her, introducing himself as Edward Donoghue. Edward takes absinthe to relieve his sleepwalking, and she is eager to hear whether he has experience with fairies. Instead, she discovers that he's the earl of Meath, and that he will soon visit a mysterious ruin at Newgrange on the orders of his cousin, the beautiful, half-mad Queen Isolde. On learning about Ada's area of study, he invites her to accompany him.

Ada is torn between a sensible fear of becoming entangled with the clearly troubled gentleman and her compelling desire to ease his suffering. Finally she accepts his invitation, and they arrive in time for the winter solstice. That night, the secret of Edward's affliction is revealed: he is, in fact, a lord in two worlds and can no longer suppress his shadow self.

Little does either of them realize that their blossoming friendship and slowly kindling passion will lead to discoveries that wrench open a door sealed for centuries, throwing them into a war that will change Ireland forever.

[A] heady romance between two independent and well-matched protagonists
— Publisher's Weekly
Danger, intrigue, action, and passion—The Absinthe Earl has it all! This bold blend of historical romance, legend, and fantasy takes readers on a thrilling ride through an alternate Ireland that weaves folklore right into the world we know. Original and captivating!
— Amanda Bouchet, bestselling author
The environment is lush and imaginative, with everyone appearing to hide their own seductive, dark secrets. It’s a world that comes alive with mysterious, foggy moors, dangerous peat bogs, and gorgeous green hills. Ada is an admirably independent heroine, taking her research quite seriously despite the handsome distraction of Edward.
— Kirkus
Wonderfully written and wonderfully romantic, The Absinthe Earl sweeps readers into a powerfully re-imagined Victorian Ireland where a strong queen rules and the world of Faery is just a heartbeat away.
— Mary Jo Putney, bestselling author
Charming and filled with intriguing characters, dangerous enemies, and hidden desires, The Absinthe Earl hooked me from the start.
— Maria V. Snyder, bestselling author
Magical and brilliant! The Absinthe Earl is a fast-paced romp that expertly weaves two different worlds into an adventure not to be missed. Sharon Lynn Fisher crafts clever dialogue and creates characters to fall in love with.
— Lorraine Heath, bestselling author