The No-Fluff Critique — $250 

My philosophy

I'm an author. You're an author. We're both readers. We love words! It's a tough industry out there, but there are more opportunities than ever. If we can raise the quality bar for available fiction, we build more excitement for books and reading overall. That's good for all of us! 

What you'll get

  • I will write an honest critique, from 1-3 single-spaced pages, that describes the elements of your story that are working, and those that could be improved. 
  • My comments will focus on execution of plot and characterization, as well as clarity and readability. I will flag specific examples, as appropriate.
  • I’ll tell you whether I stayed engaged in the story, and if not why. 
  • I will answer follow-up questions after you've read the critique. 

This critique is similar to a book review, or to the editorial letter you’d receive from a traditional publishing house. 

While your manuscript does not need to have been copyedited before submission, it’s in your best interest to submit it as cleanly as possible so I’m not distracted by grammar or other writing issues. If I receive a manuscript that I don’t believe is ready for this level of critique, I will say so.

The $250 price point is for novels from 70,000 to 100,000 words. If you have a shorter or longer work, contact me to discuss pricing. Also, if desired, I will review revisions for an additional fee based on the volume of work.

What you won’t get

  • Line editing or copyediting. This critique is about the execution of your story, not the writing itself. Caveat: I will make note of any writing or formatting issues that pulled me out of the story. 
  • An assessment of whether there's a market for what you’ve written. In today’s industry, no editor, even those at big publishing houses, can tell you that. 
  • An assessment of whether you do or don’t have “talent” (believe it or not some editorial services include this type of evaluation). Talent is not a predictor of success – practice, dedication, persistence…THOSE are the true predictors. 
  • An assessment of whether your work conforms to a specific genre, because with indie publishing has come vast freedom to write the story of your heart. Sometimes what is different is what takes off.

Why I’m qualified

  • Worked as an editor (and writer) for three decades.

  • Published romance and sci-fi/fantasy both independently and traditionally (Tor/Macmillan and Penguin Random House).

  • Nominated for Romance Writers of America (RWA) RITA Award for Best First Book and three RWA Golden Heart Awards.

  • Served as the editorial director and acquiring editor for Silkwords, a startup that published “pick your path” romance and erotica.

  • Seven years' experience providing manuscript critiques and feedback for award-winning and bestselling authors.

  • Judged romance writing contests including The Emily and RWA’s RITA.

Contact me to discuss your project! Include "Critique" at the beginning of the subject line. 

  I'm an author. You're an author. We love words!

I'm an author. You're an author. We love words!

Have a question? Ready to discuss your project? Contact me. Include "critique" in the subject line. 

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